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Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Whether you have a personal or business website that you want to launch and promote, utilizing WordPress is highly recommended. Using WordPress to host your website has many benefits that can help to generate revenue, attract new visitors and even gain loyal followers and potential clients or customers over time. The latest version of WordPress was released in December, 2011 and has been downloaded more than 12 million times, making it one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) available to date.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free CMS that allows you to upload, manage, organize and share your website’s content using a built-in administration panel. With WordPress, administrators can easily add virtual authors and contributors into the system while also quickly uploading and sharing photos, content and mixed media blogs to the site itself.

Easy to Use

WordPress is designed to allow users to easily update their websites whether or not you have any prior experience with coding and programming yourself. WordPress does not require manual HTML, CSS and PHP programming, although it is possible to implement custom coding yourself depending on the look you want your site to have. Logging in to use your WordPress hosting is done directly on your website, giving you quick access to view all of the posts, categories, comments and even registered users you have on your site at any time.

SEO Benefits

A major benefit of using WordPress hosting for both individual blogs and corporate websites is that you are capable of reaping the perks of built-in SEO, also known as “search engine optimization”. WordPress hosting is properly programmed to give your site as much exposure within popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and even Google without having to understand how to implement the SEO yourself. Simply creating page titles and choosing relevant, yet catchy headlines can help to boost your website’s position in search results regardless of the industry you represent. Implementing SEO into any website is highly recommended and it can help to generate more revenue while also growing your online reputation and the amount of credibility you have as a business or as an individual. Using SEO is a must if you want to develop a marketing plan online that is thorough and complete.

Open Source Programming

Another advantage of using WordPress hosting is that the CMS itself is open-source coding, giving you the opportunity to easily edit and reformat any part of the layout you desire without any restrictions. You can also create a layout from scratch if you are working together with a professional web designer or if you are familiar with the programming yourself. Adding CSS, Flash-based graphics and designs and even interactive design into any WordPress framework is possible with the use of the basic WordPress hosting itself.

Plugins and Third-Party Software

WordPress provides a library of free plugins and add ons along with premium content that has been developed by third-party programmers. Using plugins allows you to easily streamline content while adding interactive graphics, applications and even commenting systems for your users to enjoy. Plugins for WordPress can also include community blogging systems, allowing you to add and manage multiple contributors or authors to your website if you plan to create an online community of your own.

Implementing RSS Feeds and Social Media

It is possible to easily add RSS feeds into any website that is using WordPress hosting to help with gaining subscribers and to keep your audience updated of any news, newly-released products you have to offer or even the services you want to highlight. In addition to RSS feeds, implementing social media has never been easy with the use of WordPress. Social media is a way for you to connect with virtual audiences on networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to help with gaining exposure if you are trying to build your brand even more. The more you work with social media, the more relevant your brand will be and the number of followers you have will also increase drastically.

Layouts and Themes

WordPress provides all users with hundreds of free themes and layouts that can be downloaded and installed into your own version of WordPress. Themes for WordPress are generally created for mixed media blogs, personal websites and even corporate sites or websites that are looking to promote a portfolio or a slew of media at once. You can find themes that are one-column, two or even three and four columns to resemble digital magazines depending on the look you have in mind.

There are also themes and layouts that have been created as premium content by third-party designers and programs. You can purchase WordPress themes right from home online with the use of various digital communities that provide graphics, programming and downloadable content for WordPress specifically. Click here to buy WordPress Hosting now.


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